Fall 2014 Lecture Series

Fall 2014
Date Description
September, 19, 2014

Dirk Schulze-Makuch

The Search for Life in the Solar System and Beyond: Habitats and Exotic Possibilities

October 10, 2014

Matt Mountain

Are We Alone in the Universe?
For the first time we may have it within our grasp to answer this ancient question

October 24, 2014

James Franson

Quantum Entanglement- Einsteinís Spooky Action at a Distance

November 7, 2014

Carol Christensen

Revealing Art: Science in the Technical Examination of Paintings

November, 21, 2014

David Newell

Defining Fundamental Constants of Nature: The New SI

December 5, 2014

Nina V. Fedoroff

The 35 Years GMO War


2014-2015 Annual Sponsors: The Policy Studies Organization and The American Public University

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