Fall 2014 Lecture Series

Fall 2014
Date Description
September, 19, 2014

Dirk Schulze-Makuch

The Search for Life in the Solar System and Beyond: Habitats and Exotic Possibilities

Abstract | Minutes | Video
October 10, 2014

Matt Mountain

Are We Alone in the Universe?
For the first time we may have it within our grasp to answer this ancient question

Abstract | Video
October 24, 2014

James Franson

Quantum Entanglement- Einsteinís Spooky Action at a Distance

Abstract | Video
November 7, 2014

Carol Christensen

Revealing Art: Science in the Technical Examination of Paintings

Abstract | Video
November, 21, 2014

David Newell

Defining Fundamental Constants of Nature: The New SI

December 5, 2014

Nina V. Fedoroff

The 35 Years GMO War


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